Former Tamworth FC star sets sights on a new business in fashion

It’s been a case of football to fashion as lockdown has allowed two non-league brothers to get creative after setting up their own business.

Much-travelled striker Kyle Perry has linked up with older sibling Todd, a non-league stalwart himself with the likes of Atherstone, to develop clothing company, KyTo Apparel.

Despite planning for life outside of football after another frustrating campaign blighted by the pandemic, ex-Tamworth striker Kyle insists he is not planning to hang up his boots just yet.

But, until non-league football is able to resume fully, fashion is the name of the game.

“The last couple of years, Todd and I have talked about creating something and it’s just been a case of trying to find the right thing,” said Kyle, who has also played for Mansfield and Port Vale.

“We knew we had a skill set and we thought what could we do to put skills to good use? 

“We were looking for an idea and we had all these friends who have their own businesses and we just thought how about work wear?

“All our friends wanted to be branded up and have their own identity.

“We thought there was a gap in the market for community, localised work fashion and so we have put KyTo together – Kyle and Todd.

“We have got the machinery in place and a production line going. Every night it’s been non-stop.

“We have day jobs but we have been working into the early hours getting orders out.”

It’s no surprise to see Kyle trying his hand at something new. He has form after all.

“I am always looking for the next thing,” he said. “I had my band, Stubblemelt, which gave me an option to be creative and release what was inside. 

“And then I put on music festivals but now I want to create my own business and push on. 

“We just need to keep it snowballing now.”

Football might be on the backburner but it remains very much in the thoughts of both brothers.

“Todd turns 38 this year and I’m 35 so you start looking and wondering what’s after football,” Kyle added.

“On saying that, Todd’s in the best condition of his life. He’s got the weight off him and we joke he’s like Benjamin Button and getting younger.

“He’s getting young, where I’m getting bigger!”  Kyle joked. “He is playing for Dudley Town at the moment and loves it there.”

 Kyle, meanwhile, has enjoyed what he considers a renaissance with Kettering Town in the National North and he is keen for it to continue.

“It has been class,” he said. “I have spoken to Coxy (Paul Cox) and he has said he’d love to have me there again. 

“I’m at the stage of my career where I can still offer something so fingers crossed I’ll be staying at Kettering next season.”

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