Gungate: How would you like to see Tamworth site used?

Tamworth Borough Council is seeking views on the future of the Gungate site, as part of major regeneration plans for Tamworth town centre.

How the area could look

Work has taken place to explore how a significant area of the town centre could be unlocked for regeneration, in a way that is viable, sustainable and contributes to the overall success of Tamworth.

The area includes land to the north and south of Spinning School Lane, such as the NCP car park, the Spinning School Lane car park, the Magistrates’ Court, Staffordshire County Council Social Services buildings and the former bingo hall.

In 2018, Tamworth Borough Council bought the piece of land which used to be home to the Gungate Precinct, from private developers.

The former Gungate precinct

Plans by the developers to regenerate the site never came to fruition and it has been used as a temporary car park ever since.

As many of the buildings neighbouring the car parks are now vacant, such as the bingo hall and the police station, the council has been working with the various landowners to consider how the wider area could be regenerated as a whole.

Proposals have now been drawn up which look at potential uses for the land, taking account of market demand, any restrictions to development on the site and the design principles within which we have to operate.

The town’s residents, businesses and shoppers are being invited to look at the plans and share their views on key aspects of the project, including potential uses (taking into account market demand and the impact of the pandemic), site layout and the size and scale of any potential buildings.

The proposals can be viewed at together with detailed drawings, artist impressions and 16 survey questions. This will be online for people to take part in until March 1.

Feasibility studies have suggested that a mix of uses will be the most sustainable, which could include uses such as housing, retirement living, a leisure centre, workspace, evening leisure and multi-storey car parking.

Retail is not being suggested as a major component of the particular site due to its decline on the high street in recent years and a need to focus on the existing vacant retail space in the main high street areas.

Cllr Jeremy Oates, Tamworth Borough Council’s Cabinet member for Heritage and Growth, said: “These are really exciting times for Tamworth. We now have the opportunity to regenerate a key town centre site that has been stagnating for many years – but we need to get it right.

“As the buildings around the car park are vacant too, it makes sense to explore opportunities for working with other landowners and developing the site as one.”

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