Tamworth’s £21.65m town centre plans are unveiled

Major proposals to transform Tamworth town centre as part of a 21.65m project have been unveiled.

How the new college might look

Under plans, Tamworth College, part of South Staffordshire College, will be moved into the heart of the town centre.

Plans are for a brand new state-of-the-art college building to be built on the site of the 1960s part of the Tamworth Co-operative Society building in St Editha’s Square.

The locally-listed part of the department store, fronting onto Colehill, would be protected and turned into new affordable office space to build on the success of Tamworth Enterprise Centre.

Development of new affordable and flexible space for smaller, independent hospitality, leisure and retail businesses is also planned.

The moves are the result of a successful £21.65million from the Future High Streets Fund to develop a town centre that meets the needs of 21st century shoppers, residents and businesses.

Exciting proposals also include the restoration of heritage features and buildings so they can be brought back into use.

Further plans include an improved entrance between the town centre and the Castle Grounds, more affordable office space, improvements to Middle Entry and the transformation of St Editha’s Square into a multi-purpose events space.

Cllr Jeremy Oates, Tamworth Borough Council’s Cabinet member for Growth and Regeneration, said: “These are ambitious plans that have been put forward for our bid to the Future High Streets Fund.

“We know the high street has to change and adapt, and if it all goes to plan, this project (together with the redevelopment of the Gungate precinct) will deliver on many of the themes Tamworth people told us were most important to them.

“It’s said ‘build it and they will come’, and this is really the desire as the council has no control over which individual businesses or retailers come to the town – that’s determined by the public via their spending profile – but we will do everything we can to create the best conditions for new businesses and entrepreneurs.

“The bid therefore includes plans for more flexible and affordable space throughout the town centre for offices and retail/leisure/hospitality businesses, which we hope would encourage the niche, independent businesses that everyone wants to see.

“We hope this plan will go a long way to transforming Tamworth town centre. Having the college at its heart would bring hundreds of people to the town centre, day and night, regardless of market forces.

“Heritage is one of Tamworth’s strongest visitor attractions and it’s something we’re committed to building on. Tamworth Castle will be launching a brand new Anglo-Saxon exhibition this year, together with new augmented reality technology and improved facilities for weddings, events and business. The grounds are already home to some enviable annual events, attracting tens of thousands of visitors.

“Hopefully by having an improved gateway, we will be able to encourage more of those visitors into the town itself. And with a new social space planned for St Editha’s Square, there will be opportunities for events to link across the two.

“We’ve shown the Government what our ambitions are and we’ve been allocated the funding. It now all has to be confirmed, so the next steps are to draw up more detailed plans, submit planning permissions, formalise partnerships and things like that.

“As we progress with the project, there will be opportunities for members of the public to see what’s being proposed and get involved in some of the finer detail.

“We have already delivered on the Enterprise Centre redevelopment and the Assembly Rooms refurbishment. And we’re also getting ready to seek some public feedback on plans for the Gungate redevelopment too, so it really is full steam ahead in transforming Tamworth with a brand new vibrant town centre that is back at the heart of the community.”

One thought on “Tamworth’s £21.65m town centre plans are unveiled”

  1. What a waste,
    Tamworth gets a grant and blow it on 1 thing,
    This will not revitalise the town, it is removing the biggest building in the town,
    Many projects could be carried out for that figure,
    The college did propose moving to where the police station and court house, but council wanted too much for the building, !!!!
    So now with ££££ burning a hole, they propose this,
    The original proposal is a better option,
    The centre should be for retail,
    The perimeter for office and education,


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