Twycross Zoo has 575 animals after 20 new births recorded

Staff at Twycross Zoo have been hard at work totting up the numbers as part of a stocktake of animals.

The zoo confirmed it’s starting 2021 with 575 residents.

Despite all the obstacles faced last year, Twycross Zoo had some fantastic highlights to celebrate, including welcoming male Eastern black rhino, Sudan, as part of a European breeding programme, as well as 22 new babies including Kirk’s Dik-Diks, a Diana monkey and a Dusky leaf monkey arriving throughout the year.

The Twycross Zoo team also worked alongside primate conservation charity Ape Action Africa (AAA), to successfully carry out Cameroon’s first ever gorilla return.

Neil Dorman, Curator of Twycross Zoo, said: “Whilst we look back on 2020 as being the most challenging year in our history, it’s also important to reflect on all the positives and everything we did achieve for conservation.

“Our 2021 stocktake is evidence of the tremendous work put in by all our staff. In a year which we had to close for almost three months, we managed to welcome new animals and also celebrate over 20 new zoo births, which is a great achievement for conservation and for these species, many of which are endangered.”

There are many ways to support the Midlands conservation charity, including donating, booking a future visit, becoming a member, adopting an animal or making a purchase in the online shop. Find out more at

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