Bradley Scott Windows spreads festive cheer to help raise funds for Rotary Club

A Tamworth company has pledged to support the work of a local charity, struggling during the pandemic, while spreading Christmas cheer at the same time.

The Rotary Club of Tamworth Anker, which raises funds for a host good causes, has itself been hit financially by the devastating impact of Covid-19.

But Andy Farrington, Managing Director of Bradley Scott Windows, has now stepped in to support the group, driving a fundraising campaign by creating an eye-catching shop window.

Mr Farrington has teamed up with the Rotary Club, using their sleigh as the centre piece of a stunning window display.

And, as well as delighting passing adults and children, the display is being used to highlight a JustGiving page launched by the Rotary Club of Tamworth Anker.

Rotary Club chair Derek Gilbert said: “As a charity, we hand out every penny we make, there is no profit. Whatever we raise this year, we give away next year.

“But, as with everyone, Covid-19 has had such an adverse effect on us. In the times of greatest need for those we help, the funds aren’t flowing for us and that’s tough.”

“We are seeing people who we are desperate to help but we can’t do so. Our two main fundraising events each year are the Cathedral to Castle run, which was cancelled, and our Santa collections, which we have been told we can’t do this year for health and safety reasons.

“So it has meant our income stream for 2020 is zero and this will have a terrible impact on what we do next year. We try to give away £6,000 a year and, while we do support some national and international causes, the majority of our work is supporting Tamworth.

“This year, for example, we have given out money to Tamworth Food Bank, Tamworth LitFest and the town’s memory café.

“Andy got to hear of our plight and he’s as good as gold when it comes to supporting charity. He came up with the idea of putting our sleigh in the window, promoting us and hopefully it will encourage people to donate a few pounds in support.

“Anything we can raise is something we haven’t got and is better than nothing, which is where we are at right now.”

Bradley Scott Windows is famed for its stunning window displays and murals. Andy worked with Three Peaks Academy earlier this year to highlight the work of the UK’s key workers.

Pupils at the school created artwork to celebrate the work of the NHS, police, post and shop staff as well as other essential workers.

Andy also commissioned Graffiti by Title to produce an incredible mural of Sir Tom Moore during lockdown while he added an inspiring Remembrance memorial this month.

Now Andy says he is determined to help the charity raise some funds in remaining month of 2020 and has urged people in the town to support their fantastic work.

He said: “These are tough times for charities but we cannot let Covid-19 win.

“The Rotary Club of Tamworth Anker have been doing fantastic charity work for years.”

“So Bradley Scott Windows wanted to help and we have put the sleigh in my window, filled it with wrapped up presents and got a great big red sack so at least kids walking past can see it.

“We are using it to promote the charity’s JustGiving page so anyone who used to put a few pounds in their buckets outside Smyths Toys can still donate.

“I’m just really keen for the local community to support them because they want to do the great work they normally do but have been restricted this year.”

To donate to the Rotary Club of Tamworth Anker, visit Tamworth Anker Rotary Club – JustGiving

Bradley Scott Windows will be holding its annual Santa Charity Day on Saturday, December 19 from 10am-2pm.

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