Meet Sutton Coldfield’s Daniel Bedingfield!

A Sutton Coldfield man, inspired by the challenges of 2020, has penned a series of songs highlighting issues such as mental health and domestic abuse.

Now James Whiting, who started writing and recording songs in his garden shed but is now moving into a studio, is hoping to inspire people with his music and perhaps make a bid for chart success.

Artist James, known as Y-Ting, has already released a song entitled White Horse.

He’s followed it up with a second single, Stranger In My Own Skin, and believes the lyrics of his songs resonate with people.

“All of my songs, everyone of them, has got a story, a positive message, and deeper meaning and I think they connect with people,” said James.

“A lot of my friends didn’t know I could sing and they were really surprised initially but I have had great feedback and people say they love how well thought out my music is.”

“I try to write songs so that if someone is having a bad day they can listen to them and it will turn their day around, that’s the whole aim of the music, to pick them up and make them feel positive in a bad time.

“I put White Horse out there and it’s had more than 5000 views on Youtube so far which is good.

“It is about domestic abuse which I feel is an important to raise awareness of. I have had messages from women who have heard it saying it has helped them.

“I’ve now put a second song, Stranger in my own skin, out there and this one is so emotional and everyone is going to connect with it.

“It’s about not being happy in yourself, trying to find the real you.”

Now James is hoping to catch the eye of someone with influence in the music scene. “I have written 200 songs from my shed,” he said.

“I’d like to be the Sutton Daniel Bedingfield! I’m just working hard and waiting to be noticed.”

James’ work can be seen on his new website

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