Capture the beauty of Sutton Coldfield during lockdown

Nature lovers are being urged to take a snapshot of what Sutton’s green spaces have to offer in a project to showcase the beauty of the town.

Members of Art4Nature – a project aiming to connect more people with nature for their happiness, health and wellbeing – want residents to highlight the town’s beauty.

Between now and July 31, 2021, people are being asked to take photographs of Sutton Park and other public green spaces which capture seasonal glory.

Project creator Chris Millward said: “We want to create local networks, so we will be reaching out to green space teams established in Sutton.

“By working with local photography groups and other community organisations, we hope to showcase Sutton and what the area has to offer, the natural beauty on its doorstep.

“We are aiming to put our project into schools, allowing pupils to vote for their favourite birds and butterflies and giving them a chance to create art.

“That is something that we think could be really powerful. We will have ten satellite events next year, including one in Sutton, displaying artwork and photography that has been created as well as highlighting conservation projects.

“There’s talent in every community and we are trying to empower people to come forward and get them involved in local projects.

“Everyone can be a part of this so people have a feeling of purpose and develop a pride in their place.

“Sutton Coldfield, of course, has a wonderful park serves everyone so well but there are many other green space areas, where people can enjoy their own space, and there is an opportunity for some fantastic nature pictures.”

To get involved, submit up to four images per email address which capture the beauty of green spaces across the four seasons. Email entries to by July 31, 2021 with ‘Art4Nature Birmingham’ in the subject.

Include your name and when and where each photograph was taken. Submitted photographs will be displayed at public events to celebrate green spaces and their value to local communities.

A judging panel will select 10 photographs from all those submitted, one from each Birmingham constituency, and these will be used in the second part of the project.

Local artist Steve Lilly will then produce pieces of art based on the selected photographs with his art auctioned for charity to raise funds for specific bird and butterfly projects.

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