Dexter’s delight at solo strike

Dexter Walters has been reflecting on his stunning solo effort against Biggleswade Town. 

Dexter’s stunning stoppage-time goal put the gloss on a convincing Tamworth victory, goals from Jack Ryan and Ryan Beswick completing a 3-0 win. 

“I was buzzing after that,” he said. “It was a relief because I have had a lot of chances but haven’t scored. 

“So it was a good way to come back from injury to show what I can do and hopefully it can kick start my season, scoring more goals and helping the team. 

“It felt so good, how the goal went in. I can’t stop watching it! I can’t believe it. “I always like making runs and stuff but I don’t score at the end, it’s deflected for a corner or something. “So to watch it go in was a mad feeling.”

For a full interview with Dexter, read the Tamworth FC programme v Banbury United. Out now, free of charge.

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